Well hello everyone!  I just wanted to WELCOME you to my newest adventure!  I know that What Mama Loves is still in the "Getting Up and Running" phase, but I am pretty confident that it will be doing a lot of running very quickly!  If you are unfamiliar with my other blog, Addicted to Recipes, pop on over.  I've had a fantastic time writing the blog and it has grown quite a bit this year! 

I have signed up with Passionfruit Ads to offer advertising space here on What Mama Loves. I think one of the best things about ads that appear on both of my blogs is that they will appear on every single page of my won't just show up on a sponsor page, you'll be everywhere for as long as you run your ads here! Cool, hey?!

Your generous sponsorship will allow me to continue to personally grow and learn (I am a believer of lifelong learning...I do work outside the home at a post-secondary institution), to continue to run my blogs and link parties, and to continue to grow my blogs by promoting them and offering giveaways to my readers!

Thank you so much for sponsoring me!

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