Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Welcome to What Mama Loves!

Hello!  I am SO EXCITED to have you join me here at What Mama Loves! 

You might be asking, "What's this all about?"  Well...you may already know me from the food blog that I write, Addicted to Recipes.  If you haven't found me there, I invite you to head over and visit!  I write about recipes, all the great recipes (and sometimes recipes that need some improvement) that I prepare for my family.  I host a weekly recipe link party where other bloggers share their fantastic recipes (and feed my addiction).  BUT...there is more to ME than "just" recipes...so many other things that I LOVE...and I figured it was time to write about those things too!  And so...What Mama Loves...was born!

Here you are going to find all sorts of bits out about me.  If I see a picture that I love, you will see it here.  If I have a story to tell about something amazing that has happened, you will read it here.  If I have crafted something fun, I will show you here!  Does it sound like fun?  I hope so!

But WAIT, there's more!  Because I am hooked on link parties, I will be starting a weekly link party "What Mama Loves Wednesday" where YOU can share what you love!  I can't wait!

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