Friday, 18 January 2013

Skinny Chicks Have Feelings Too name is Dawn and I am a skinny chick

I see the way you look at me.  I see you pass judgement on my appearance.  I hear your comments, even when you think you are being quiet. 

I am tall, I am fine-boned, and I am skinny.  Always have been, and probably always will be. It's in my genes.

I don't diet.  I never have, and probably never will.  Yes, I can be picky about what I eat, but I also have a fantastic appetite (except when I had all-day morning sickness, and even then, I still ate). Hell, I write a food blog.  A few years ago, when I was on a vacation in Tennessee with a good friend, she and I were having breakfast at a Waffle House, and the guy sitting next to me at the breakfast bar said (in a beautiful southern drawl), "You sure eat a lot for a skinny girl".  Yes...then and now, that comment was and is hilarious to me, but more often than not, the comments aren't funny.  The jokes aren't funny.  They make me feel uncomfortable and yes, sometimes your comments hurt my feelings.  Skinny chicks have feelings too.

I am not fanatical about what I eat.  I just try to make decent food choices most of the time.  That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy pop and chips on occasion and dessert more frequently.  I am a total cookie monster, especially the fresh baked ones.  However, I have stayed away from "diet" anything, because it always just tasted funny to me.  I try to avoid artificial sweeteners.  I try to keep away from processed foods.  It doesn't mean I don't eat them though.  I love a good pepperoni pizza.  I'm not into any of the fad diets. I don't fast. Yes I exercise, but I don't exercise excessively.  I don't smoke. I don't use drugs.  I rarely take any medications, even if I have a cold or headache.  Yes, I drink alcohol, but only on occasion.  And yet I know you speculate about how I got so skinny.  I hear it in your voice. I see it in your eyes.  Skinny chicks have feelings too.

Did you know that I come from a family of tall people?  On my maternal side.  My Mom is the shortest in her family (between herself, my Dad, her children, parents and siblings) - and she is 5 ft 7.  Even me at 5 ft 9, many of my cousins tower over me.  My Grandfather's name is Slim.  For most of my life I didn't even know his true first name, for years I thought his name really was Slim.  And on my paternal side, we're fine boned.  And so, I am tall, fine-boned, and naturally skinny.  It's in my genes.

People around me seem to forget that I have always been this skinny.  It's like they only remember pregnant me, even though some of these people have known me for many years.  In the last 5 years my husband and I have welcomed two beautiful babies into our family.  I didn't do anything excessive to lose baby weight after either pregnancy, I just let nature take it's course.  And yet I know you speculate.  Sometimes you say it right to me.  Sometimes I just hear it in your voice.  I can see it in your eyes.  Sometimes you make me feel bad about my appearance.  Skinny chicks have feelings too.

I am not looking for your sympathy.  I am not looking for an apology.  I just want you to be more aware about what you say about me - either to me or behind my back - and how you pass judgement on how I look.  If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.  And remember, skinny chicks have feelings too.

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  1. This is great. Although I am the opposite. I am shorter than short. 5ft even. There are a lot of judgmental people out there! I am thankful to no be one of them! Found you over at the Harvest of Friends Blog Hop. Followed and I am looking forward to reading more!